Chilled Out Varadkar Turns Up In Brussels In T-shirt, Jeans


OUTGOING Taoiseach Leo Varadkar shocked attendees at his final European Council meeting today after rocking up wearing just a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and trainers indicating he is absolutely done with this whole leader craic, WWN has learned.

Arriving two hours late, fellow EU leaders reported a slight smell of stale booze from the 45-year-old who lounged about on a swivel chair not even listening to what was being said while munching on a Starbar and slurping from a bottle of Club Orange.

“He’s obviously just coasting now and couldn’t be arsed,” said a source at the summit, which was called to discuss the Ukraine and Gaza wars or something.

Announcing his resignation yesterday as leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach, Varadkar sent shockwaves across the Irish political landscape as speculation as to the reasoning behind the decision flourished online.

“Obviously did something awful we haven’t heard of yet and the rest of them are involved too and that’s why they’re not running for leader,” raised one commentator.

“Heard from a reliable source on Telegram that he headbutted Biden drunk after the Paddies Day thing in the White House after he was told to pipe down over Gaza,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, sources close to Simon Harris have reported him practicing stately poses in the mirror since the announcement and putting on a deep important voice when engaging with fellow ministers.

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