Choose: Which County Would Win In 2am Fight Outside Crowded Take Away?


EVERY COUNTY has its hard chaws, toughs nuts and fire-fisted fucking psychos. But who would come out on top in a Royal Rumble style disagreement in a packed take away at 2am, sparked off by someone picking up a fiver off the ground that wasn’t theirs and then swearing blind they dropped it out of their wallet or purse?

What county has the fiercest amateur cage fighters who possess so much rage you’d be forgiven for thinking their parents could have been a hornet’s nest and a headbutt?

We appreciate you will have questions, such as ‘who is on home soil?’, ‘are weapons allowed?’, ‘do people get deducted points for not having their arse crack showing?’ and ‘will someone be there to poorly film the action on their phone, missing all the good bits?’ but for this scenario we will leave it up to yourselves to decide on those factors.

Which County Would Win In 2am Fight In Crowded Take Away?

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