“Don’t Make Us Pull A Lisbon Treaty” Government Urges In Last Minute Push For ‘Yes, Yes’ Vote


THE GOVERNMENT has reminded the voting public that were they to ‘get it wrong’ in today’s referendums there is always the threat hanging over their heads that they will be forced to vote again and again until they get it right, WWN can reveal.

“Don’t embarrass us, Europe is watching,” confirmed the government of the EU, which is actually too busy trying to formulate plans to copy Britain’s xenophobic Rwanda flight policy to notice.

“If you think you’re confused now, imagine how you’ll feel when you’re dragged back to the polls again to vote on it a second time, no one wants to be exposed to that much Michael McDowell on TV again!” said government ministers who have now taken the unprecedented step of confirming there will be consequences if the idiot public can’t be trusted to toe the line.

With the possibility of a ‘no’ vote succeeding in the care referendum, there are fears that it could prove an embarrassing defeat for the coalition parties.

“Leo will be over in America next week, imagine the mortification when President Biden learns he’s the unloved leader of a nation divided on a number of issues? Old Joe would lose all respect for a leader like that,” confirmed a government spokesperson.

If the threat of re-running the referendums isn’t enough of a deterrent, the government reminded the public that any successful ‘no’ vote could lead to slack-jawed IQ deficient right wing loons online claiming the result as proof ‘Ireland is waking up to the communist globalist woke multicultural 5G tower vaccines plot’.