Man Celebrates International Women’s Day By Browsing Lesbian Section Of Pornhub


“IT’S THE least I could do,” said Waterford man Gavin McAlvey as he shunned the vast swathes of pornography he usually watches available on Pornhub in favour of an equality-enhancing choice befitting International Women’s Day.

“A lesser man would be straight into the gangbang section or other videos that help inform my degrading-to-women proclivities but not me. Now, I wasn’t always such a feminist but I’ve learned in time that they have their struggles, women, and I’m not talking sharing the one dildo like these two smoke shows I’m watching right now,” confirmed McAlvey.

McAlvey struggled to focus on the action unfolding on his screen as he was so struck by his evolution as a human and for having the presence of mind to think so empathically on this International Women’s Day.

“I’m not looking to be singled out for special praise but maybe it is time for other men to step up their game y’know?” said McAlvey, somewhat drowned out by the cries of pleasure emanating from his laptop.

“Look at them, having the time of their lives, and not a man in sight. I tell ya, it’s symbolic, like that Suffragette killed by the King’s horse all those years ago”.