Vaccination For Woke Mind Virus Expected In Coming Months


PFIZER are on the verge of announcing a major breakthrough in treatment for the woke mind virus which is plaguing the world.

“Finally, we have a cure for those people suffering the debilitating condition of pointing out maybe billions aren’t a good thing,” confirmed vaccine backer Elon Musk.

Side effects from the jab include an increase in declaring ‘you think that’s bad, back in my day’, ‘children are identifying as cats’ and ‘LGBTABC123XYZQplus’.

“This vital medical intervention could transform millions of lives. Dinner tables will no longer have to hear about how homeless people shouldn’t be pulped and their bones used as fuel for Jeff Bezos’ dick rocket,” confirmed researcher at the CDC’s Woke Mind Virus unit.

“You have no idea what this will mean for my daughter, this will change her life but more importantly stop her from calling me a sociopath asshole just because I don’t think forcing a 12-year-old rape victim to have their rapist’s baby is a bad thing,” confirmed one pro-vaccine advocate.

“My pronouns? My pronouns are let’s get down to the nearest library and burn some books. This used to be a proper country, I see the nurse who gave me the vaccine was foreign, typical. Place has gone to the dogs,” shared the first vaccine trial recipient of the vaccine, making a remarkable recovery.