Local Woman Vows To Remain Staunch Socialist Until Salary Hits 40% Tax Bracket


A VOCAL proponent of socialist values and the need for the rich profiteers and high wealth individuals to be taxed in order to fund a social safety net and public infrastructure has vowed to completely lose her shit the day she reaches the 40% threshold.

Siofra Hughes (24) has maintained she will play her part in the inevitable worker uprising that can and will reshape Irish society for the better, bringing an end to flagrant materialism and short-sighted decisions that always favour the rich. However, Hughes has inserted a rather important caveat to her unwavering belief in the redistribution of wealth..

“Paying your proportionate amount of tax is all part of the social contract, solidarity with your neighbour and the worker, and this is something I’ll firmly believe right up until that first payslip where I enter the highest bracket USC,” Hughes offered.

The oppressive structures of capitalism are too forceful and too great for Hughes to ignore while in her entry level position of the engineering firm she began working in last year, but the Cork woman conceded that all goes out the window when she’s finally gets enough money for several big holidays a year, nicer clothes and a new car.

“I think it was Marx or Engels who first said ‘bitch better have my money’ and I really do believe that in respect of having your pay packet plundered by the thieving State to the tune of 40 cent on the euro; it’s a fucking travesty, nevermind the marginal tax rate, all while the scroungers get everything for free paid for by the likes of me,” confirmed committed egalitarian Hughes after a salary review placed her in the 40% income tax bracket.