Company’s Biodiversity Plan Involves Installing In-Office Bee Hives


STAFF at Dublin firm McClennan Consultants are embracing the environmentally conscience workspace of the 21st century with the installation of Ireland’s first in-office bee hives.

The endangered Irish honey bee population has been given a boost with the launch of a scheme masterminded by company environmental compliance officer Linda Haine.

“Fuck me Linda, my face has more stings than The Police cover band festival,” remarked worker Niall Brennan, now sharing desk space with a hive of 40,000 bees.

Not content with installing a roof garden consisting of a bench and some neglected potted herbs, Haine is improving her company’s carbon footprint bit by bit.

“We’re still making 90% of our income consulting on oil projects in the Middle East but the bees are McClennan Consultants way of saying the environment = ourvironment,” confirmed Haine, stepping away for a moment to jab Sarah in accounts with her 8th epipen of the day after yet another allergic reaction to a bee sting.

“Ourvironment, do you get it? We spent 80% of our carbon reduction budget on paying a marketing firm to come up with that”.

With just five employees dying from the effects of thousands of stings, McClennan has not only provided a safe haven for the humble honey bee but also reduced headcount and associated costs by five people.