Celtic Tiger Trends We’d Like To See Return


IRELAND’S UNDISPUTED golden age, the Celtic Tiger ended in tears but are there some trends from the era that we should reassess and embrace once again?

WWN runs through some contenders that should make a come back:

Heaping debt on future generations due to your financial recklessness

It’s sad to admit it out loud but we’ve grown more conservative when it comes to wrecking the economy, that traditional gombeen Irish glint in the eye is gone and we’re not the better for it.

A new club opening every weekend

If we embraced this trend again young Irish people would be ecstatic once we explained to them what a night club is. And Georgia Salpa needs to be in a bikini on Grafton St to launch its official opening.

Jet skis

How many people do you know today that own jet skis? None! Well back in the Celtic Tiger days there were more jet skis than people. Where did they go on their jet skis? To their apartments in Bulgaria of course.

A brand new car every year

Cars were sorted of treated like a dress from Penneys in those days; good for a night out but one go through the car wash and it was basically ruined and needed to be replaced.

Bertie Ahern*

*This entry was paid for by Bertie Ahern.

Reckoning with explosive revelations

Finally contemplating the horrors done by the Catholic church was a regretful but needed trend. These days it’s just too easy to bury the head and ignore scandals like Direct Provision, treatment of disabled people, CAMHs, Tusla and so on.

Getting a helicopter down to do the weekly shop

Public transport is bad now but back then you literally had no other choice but to nip down in the helicopter. Incidentally, the weekly shop was now in New York.

No questions asked mortgages

You think free money flying out of Bank of Ireland ATMs was fun? What until you here about banks ringing you up begging you buy a house with a 100% mortgage, no questions asked.