Sinn Féin Deny Showing Ankle To Anti-Immigrant Voters


SINN FÉIN have denied altering their rhetoric around immigration and flirting with those who have anti-immigrant views after three of their TDs dropped the old classic ‘we can’t have OPEN BORDERS’ into their speeches in the Dáil.

“It wasn’t an ankle, and if it was an ankle we were wearing socks,” confirmed a defensive Sinn Féin, who say it’s normal for a party to say it doesn’t want an open border in a bid to give voters the false impression that there currently is a policy of open borders.

However, sources close to the party confirmed that by next year the party could be showing a bit of cleavage in the form of a ‘here’s the crime-riddled countries we’d restrict immigration from’ pledge.

The news has rattled some members of the public who have spent recent years singing the praises of the party and advocating for voting for Sinn Féin.

“No, no, no that’s not the ‘we’ll solve housing and health crises’ Sinn Féin I know that I’ve seen popping up in my social media feeds in epic videos torching the coalition in the Dáil on high rents,” confirmed one voter.

“Nice try dipshit, every casual Sinn Féin supporter who will vote for them to bring housing and rent prices down knows they had ‘no open borders’ in their 2020 election manifesto,” confirmed one Sinn Féin hipster, who was one of their anti-immigrant ultra-nationalist supporters before it was cool.

“Oh boy, wow, if this surprises you wait until you read up about nationalism in a history book,” laughed one smug potential voter, who then broke down in tears over the absolute state of voting options before the Irish public.