IDF Urge Remaining Gazans To Make Way To Safety Zone With Giant Bullseye On It


WITH the safety of Gazans at the forefront of their minds as always, the IDF has again asked 80% of the population they have already displaced to move to a new safety zone.

“You will know you are in the safe zone when you reach the area with the giant bullseye on it and you hear the faint whistling in the skies above you,” head of Palestinian erasing with the IDF said.

“It’s safe I promise, just like the UN buildings we told you to go to which we then bombed, or the refugee camps or the hospitals”.

Using ‘targeted strikes’ in crowded civilian areas with bombs that have a fatal bomb blast radius the size of a football pitch has drawn renewed criticism of Israel.

“We paused for a ceasefire for a few days to let aid and care to be delivered to innocent people we are now bombing again, what more do you want?” asked the spokesperson.

Casualties haven’t just been confined to Gaza as several spokespeople for western governments have died tying themselves in knots trying to defend the sort of barbarity perpetrated by the Israeli government which led to the discovery of decomposing premature babies in the northern Gazan Al-Nasr Children’s hospital.

Elsewhere, the US government has asked those seeking to praise and laud them for delivering a fraction of the necessary aid to Gaza which Gaza needs due US support for Israel’s bombing of Gaza to please form an orderly queue.