Most Famous Person From Every Irish County


A LAND synonymous with trailblazing forces in science, the arts and beyond, Ireland has been the birthplace many famous people but just who is your county’s most famous person?

Antrim – Bobby Sands was born in Newtownabbey.

Armagh – Jennifer Lopez, don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got Jenny said her happiest memories are from when she was shopping in the Halfords at Spires Retail Park and was said to be devastated by its closure.

Carlow – Joe Carlow, the cut price cars salesman the county is named after. Carlow’s official motto to this day remains ‘There’s no low lower than low Joe Carlow’s low car prices’.

Cavan – Cavan’s most famous person is chosen on an annual basis, plucked at random from the county’s 76,000 plus population. This year 8-year-old Cormac Fennerton was chosen, locals have criticised the selection saying ‘I know he’s only 8 but he’s shite’.

Clare – Ireland’s first dictator Ella Feeney was born in Clare earlier this year. She will take power in a military coup in 2058.

Cork – locals consider Cork the cradle of civilisation, the birthplace of humanity as we know it therefore, all famous people ultimately come from Cork. But it’s Micheal Collins, Micheal Collins is Cork’s most famous person.

Derry – someone connected to the Troubles in some way? Sorry, this writer is from Dublin.

Donegal – the real Daniel O’Donnell, the one the current Daniel O’Donnell stole the identity of after killing him in a line-dancing competition which turned violent.

Down – Hiace Morrison, the world’s best known Van Morrison tribute act.

Dublin – that seagull on O’Connell Bridge that no one fucks with.

Fermanagh – John, ah you know John surely, big sad head on him, was caught flashing outside that school in 1981. Peeping John? See, I told you you knew him.

Galway – Bob Marley, growing up in Galway Marley gained a debilitating reliance on weed before introducing it to Jamaica when touring over there.

Kerry – Ronán Keane, the inventor of the hard-to-understand Irish accent, originates from Kerry.

Kildare – someone originally from Dublin.

Kilkenny – it might sound like a made up Hollywood tale but Kilkenny is home to DJ and Catriona Carey, a sort of real life Team Rocket from Pokemon.

Laois – 404 famous person not found.

Leitrim – Lee Trim, a member of Christopher Columbus’ excursions discovered Leitrim in 1491 after being tasked with finding the most inhospitable place on earth. Trim would later lose Leitrim in a card game to a Roscommon farmer.

Limerick – Teresa Lynch, the trailblazing Irish woman who invented saying ‘bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye’ at the end of every phone call.

Longford – Center Parcs.

Louth – Technically Gerry Adams denies burying Shergar here, but once its grave is discovered it’ll be Shergar.

Mayo – 149-year-old Cian Ahern, the only remaining Mayo person alive who witnessed the county’s last All-Ireland triumph.

Meath – Francis Beaufort, created the Beaufort Scale of wind velocities measuring the potency of his farts while at sea in the navy.

Monaghan – We have been unable to find anyone willing to admit they are from Monaghan.

Offaly – Sadly, Offaly does not have a single famous person.

Roscommon – Roscommon lost contact with the outside world in 1983 so it’s hard to know who is famous there now.

Sligo – The one bearable member of the best 3/5ths of the 2nd best boyband Ireland is known for, Westlife, hails from Sligo.

Tipperary – Michael Lowry, the famous cult leader is worshiped like a God in the county.

Tyrone – Mickey Harte, legendary GAA coach who despite having a heart for a mickey and a mickey for a heart became an All-Ireland winning coach.

Waterford – mentalist Keith Barry is from Waterford and has dedicated his life to erasing people’s minds of this shameful fact.

Westmeath – Kim Jong Un, it’s here in his native home his radical dislike of Meath was formed and went on to inform his policies in North Korea when he got the job as leader after applying on LinkedIn.

Wexford – Eileen Gray. Who? Expose yourself to some culture you knuckle-dragging philistines.

Wicklow – Tiktok sensation Simon Harris has been wowing young people with his epic videos which parents fear will give children the false impression that you can just fail upwards in life into a well-paying job with zero accountability.