Una Healy Stuns On Red Carpet Leaving Dozens Injured


JUST when you thought she couldn’t stun anymore, former Saturdays singer Una Healy stunned on the red carpet over the weekend at the premiere of a new movie, leaving dozens of people injured.

“She’s literally stunning,” one eyewitness gave as the 42-year-old pulled the trigger to a 50k taser stun gun leaving one reveller convulsing on the ground behind her as fans screamed for their lives, “for the love of God someone make her stop!”

Wearing a beautiful skin-coloured dress designed by Jon Rocha, Una calmly walked over to another unsuspecting man attending the premiere before rendering him ‘rigid as an ironing board’ as the electricity coursed through his veins before then keeling over with a loud audible thud.

“Janey mack, he’s like an auld sleeping bullock keeling over after getting pushed,” Una taunted, before turning the taser gun on a spectator trying to escape, “she’s doing the huckle buck beyond, look,” she told horrified eyewitnesses who were now paralysed with fear and cowaring from the manic eyed singer.

Following several hours, local emergency crews finally arrived to tend to the victims, many of whom being treated for shock.

“We’re not sure we can handle Una stunning on the red carpet anymore, this is the fourth time this week,” one paramedic put, refferring to her previous 357 victims so far this year, “when will this carnage end, when will someone put a stop to her?”