Accountant Likes To Let Off Steam By Blasting Coldplay Well Within Recommended Audio Levels


THERE IS no greater stress relief in local Waterford accountant Stephen Henley’s life than cranking his car radio well short of the maximum recommended audio levels and pressing play on This Is Coldplay Spotify playlist after a hard day’s work.

“Honestly, if I didn’t have this to de-stress along with my weekly zero alcohol beer on a Friday I’d go mad,” explained Henley.

Letting his hair down and not caring one jot that onlookers may consider him mentally deranged, Henley gently tapped an index finger on the steering wheel in time with the music but still insuring his hands were at 10 and 2.

“Imagine not having this sort of cathartic release, you’d go barmy if you couldn’t ‘rock out’ y’know,” Henley added, throwing his head back and forth, no greater distance than an inch, with wild abandon as he lost himself listening to Coldplay X Selena ‘Let Somebody Go’.

Suddenly aware of how too much of one thing can’t be good Henley caught himself before he completely overdid it with the unrestrained headbanger and moshing.

“You’d swear I’d had my daily coffee after 2pm the way I’m buzzing away to myself here haha,” concluded Henley, making a mental note to make a doctor’s appointment after he felt his resting heart rate lift one beat above its average.