Local Funfair Just A Series Of Court Cases Waiting To Happen


A LOCAL funfair comprising mainly of a slide with a number of exposed nails protruding from it is, according to experts in personal injury claims, a court case or two dozen waiting to happen.

Macey’s Marvelous Mayhem has been subjecting children to minor injuries and PTSD for decades without every repairing or upgrading waltzers and bumper cars, making the funfair the most deadly place on earth after active war zones.

“Be grand,” confirmed proprietors and married couple Charles and Gracey Macey, who are only in this business to make children happy and not charging €12 for a bit of candy floss that expired in 2007.

“It’s nice to get the kids out of the house and wear them out running around,” confirmed one parent who went to the funfair as a child and it did her no harm aside from all the harm it did her including being partially blinded.

Exposed live electrical wires are not technically an official amusement at the funfair but making contact with one is certainly a thrilling experience no child will ever forget.

“Ow,” confirmed one child as their leg got caught in an open gap between steps on the ‘fun house’ attraction.

Far from deterring parents from Macey’s Marvelous Mayhem, a queue of hopeful parents are willfully throwing their children onto rides in the hopes of an easy pay day.

“Jack, what are you doing? Don’t put your seatbelt on. There’s a good lad,” urged one parent to his son as he got into a bumper car.