Fruit Flies Interdimensional, CERN Scientists Find


FRUIT flies that just appear out of absolutely nowhere have now been found by scientists working at the CERN facility to be in fact ‘interdimensional’, after finding thousands of them in the Hadron Collider, WWN can confirm.

Following their latest particle accelerator test in Switzerland, staff at the facility discovered fruit flies appearing out of thin air, with scientists later speculating they must have come from a parallel universe somewhere.

“We asked the question how they could just appear like that from nothing,” Physicist Prof. Dr. John Ellis said, who first found dozens of flies whizzing around the collider, “their tiny quantum-like size must be something to do with it too and we are actively researching how they move from one dimension to the other”.

For years, people have speculated as to the nature of fruit flies and their ability to just turn up out of nowhere, with the CERN lab now happy they have discovered one of the first living organisms to appear, or indeed, disappear on command.

“We’ve suspected in the past that odd socks, teaspoons, pens and earrings have interdimensional properties as they just seemingly vanish into nothing, but this fruit fly discovery is a new one on us, and very exciting”.

UPDATE: CERN scientists have since retracted their report on fruit flies and apologised after finding a rotten lemon wedge dropped in the CERN canteen to be behind the source of the fruit flies, and not their ongoing experiments.