Charity Appeal: For Just €160 A Year You Can Help This Man Pay Joe Duffy €350k


YOU WILL have no doubt been aware of the harrowing humanitarian disaster leading the headlines across the world; RTÉ is rapidly running out of money.

You may feel helpless, like there is nothing you as an ordinary person can do but there is.

For just €160 a year you can ensure RTÉ Joe Duffy’s €350,000 salary is paid, but your kind donation does so much more.

Think of how those scared panicked faces in RTÉ will light up when they realise they can commission another eight glitzy property shows which seem to completely ignore the reality of the ongoing housing crisis, and all because you paid your licence fee.

It has never been so affordable to do make a huge difference in the world, with your donation who knows how many existing RTÉ employees can be interviewed yet again on The Late Late Show.

The depths of humanity’s generosity knows no bottom, and your donation would be further proof of that. Who knows, maybe RTÉ can hire a third Johnny so the other two don’t have to work so hard.

Are you honestly saying you wouldn’t donate €160 it meant you never had to see another video of a deeply disturbed man in a car who thinks he is in conversation with the weather.

There are people terrified and traumatised by the fear they will have their car allowance and flip flops taken away from them but you can be the person to make it so this doesn’t have to happen.

Don’t donate for your own sense of ego, donate for the relative of the RTÉ executive who was hoping RTÉ would still be around to land a cushy number in after they graduate from college.