Toddler Embarrassed After Mother Throws Tantrum In Supermarket


THERE was significant embarrassment etched on the face of 16-month-old Olivia Carmody as her mother sparked into a predictable tantrum in a packed supermarket.

“Here we go again, like clockwork. She just needs a nap,” Olivia tried to reassure supermarket staff despite not yet gaining full speech, as her mother Aoife berated the staff over the display pricing on a number of items.

“It’s marked three-for-two though, so shouldn’t the customer get three-for-two?” continued an agitated Aoife Carmody, with Olivia wishing a hole would appear in the floor and swallow her up such was the scene her mother was making.

Hoping no one from her creche group was being wheeled around the aisles at the same time, Olivia dreaded to think how arguing over the price of tea bags which weren’t even labelled incorrectly in the first place would reflect on her.

“Honestly, she was fine the whole car journey here, there’s something being stuck to a trolley does to her. The narky bitch,” offered Olivia, who knows she shouldn’t call her mother that but she’d test the patience of a saint at times.