How Many Puns Can We Get Out Of Durex’s Erection Screw Up?


RKT-M-36664 CROWDS couldn’t help but stand to attention as they bore witness to Durex’s erection screw up which saw the brand struggle to slide their well-proportioned packaged advert correctly into a prominent Dublin city billboard slot.

WWN, ever the respectable news publications with irreproachable journalist integrity has endeavoured to see how many puns it can jam into an article.

Beating off stiff competition to the title of most embarrassing advertising faux-pas, Durex’s glorious hole in one came out of nowhere appearing on a billboard at the crack of dawn.

“I just heard one worker shout ‘is it in yet?’, and then a lot of heavy breathing and someone shouting, ‘are you mad, it’s not going to fit in there!’ you’d think they would have checked if it fitted first,” said one onlooker.

Rumours have spread that it may have been a case of a cocky intern who declined to measure for the pleasure of finishing a job to completion and is now faced with having to go down again to ensure correct entry to the advertising hoarding is achieved.

“Just a tip; but it’s best to bring a tape measure to confirm any claims made by someone you’re jumping into bed with, in the business sense of course, at the climax of these things you want to leave satisfied by a job well done but by the looks of it there’s plenty of hammering left to do,” said one billboard fitting expert as workmen stared perplexed at the ill-fitting advertisement.

Like trying to pack your sleeping bag back into its sheath after a weekend at a festival, if it’s not the right fit it could end up looking more squeezed than a tube of toothpaste.

“I wouldn’t come down too hard on anyone, some people don’t know things don’t fit until doing a bit of research,” added the expert.

Elsewhere, Irish men demanded a recount after a research found over 60% of women don’t orgasm every time they have sex.

Always read the instructions.