Make Yourself Feel Better With Pictures Of Celebrities Looking Absolutely Awful


AND BY awful we of course mean they look like every day normal human beings which as we all know is a fate worst than death for the giants of celebland.

Regardless, there is no better way to lift your own spirits and self-esteem than by gleefully observing someone else’s misfortune and decay.

We all have our ‘off’ days and that was certainly the case with Jennifer Aniston who looks rougher than a sandpaper factory.

Jason Statham has let him self go since filming The Meg 2. More like Jason state of him.

Instagram isn’t real life folks as Ryan Reynolds’ passport photo can attest.

The years are finally catching up on JLo and Ben Affleck.

Mugshot or no mugshot, there is such thing as too much bronzer.

The future king of England might want to start reappraising his diet if he wants to see the future, the only thing peaky looking William will crowned is worst looking celeb 2023.