Cafe On Day 137 Of Using ‘Sorry, New Chef’ Excuse


A WATERFORD cafe has yet again found a handy way to put a lid of a customer’s dissatisfaction with their food by trotting out the ‘sorry, new chef’ excuse for a record 137 days in a row, beating the record previously held by a Dublin brunch spot.

“Really sorry about that now, sorry, new chef God love him, he’s overwhelmed today with the place so busy,” confirmed front of house Ciara Harkin, artfully preying on a customer’s grasp of empathy to take the sting out of their anger.

As a trail of negative Google reviews can attest, the Flicked Bean cafe has had a consistently poor performing menu for some time but that doesn’t stop them using an age old get out of jail free card beloved by the industry.

“It’s the chef’s first day, it’s the scrambled eggs’ first day, I’ve just started, the stove is acting up, suppliers changed the feed they give the chicken we use; whatever we can use to stop people complaining we’ll use it,” confirmed Harkin, seemingly uninterested in exploring the ‘raising minimum standards’ option.

“We’ve a funny name, plastic flowers outside customers can pose beside for Insta, and a neon sign on the wall which says ‘Food Coma’, like what more do people want? Edible food? Oh, okay, looks like we’ve got a Karen over here,” added Harkin.