Lizzo Accused Of Making Dancers Feel ‘Bad As Hell’


MUSICIAN LIZZO has been named in a lawsuit taken by three of her former dancers who allege they were left feeling ‘bad as hell’ from a hostile work environment which included instances of sexual, religious and racial harassment, disability discrimination, assault and false imprisonment.

The news of the accusations against the body-positive star whose songs contain a message of self-love has led a number of women to amend their ‘always believe victims’ stance to include ‘unless they come for my Queen, Lizzo’.

“No, you misunderstand allegedly forcing employees to attend a sex show and pressuring them into touching naked performers and eating bananas protruding from performers’ vaginas is Boss Bitch behaviour,” confirmed one fan, who has too many Lizzo bangers in her gym playlist to turn back now.

“Wait, wait, gimme a minute. I can spin how Lizzo shaming someone for their weight is actually a good thing,” they added, now spiralling.

Both Lizzo’s former creative director and a director who worked on a documentary about the singer have talked about similarly toxic work environments they experienced with the Cuz I Love You artist, however, Lizzo has denied being ‘100% that bitch’.

Crisis PR firms offering their advice to the embattled singer have advised her to simply stay quiet and allow unhinged fans on the internet spend months trying to intimidate, harass discredit those making accusations like a male celebrity would.

Update: in an ill-judged PR effort seemingly inspired by Youtuber Miranda Sings, Lizzo has delivered an apology via flute solo.