Super Mario Sequel Will Include Mario’s Irish Cousin Paudie The Plasterer


A SUPER MARIO sequel was inevitable after the animated movie was a monster hit in cinemas across globe and now the first details are emerging for the follow up which will please Irish movie goers.

Mario’s Irish cousin Paudie The Plasterer who first appeared in 1990’s Super Mario World game is set to play a crucial role in the sequel.

“Paudie is known for agreeing to do a job before taking weeks if not months to turn up” explains movie critic Damien Dylan, “and when he does turn up he does shoddy work before completely disappearing and client’s never hear from him again.”

It is believed the movie will centre around Paudie working for Mario’s business on a J1 and single-handedly ruining Mario’s reputation.

“Princess Peach needs some dry wall sorted in her castle and Paudie is down for the job but when he doesn’t turn up, Mario discovers he’s gone to Vegas for the weekend with his GAA mates,” explained screenwriter of the film Ed Simmons.

Paul Mescal is rumoured to be voicing Paudie, but there are rumblings that an Irish character such as Paudie, conceived of in the early 90s might be an outdated and offensive stereotype.

“To protects us from writing a culturally insensitive stereotype we consulted a number of Irish tradesman, however, once we paid them for their time they said they needed to get a tool from the van before disappearing. Follow up texts were just met with ‘listen, I’m busy I’ll get to you when I get to you,” added Simmons.