Elon Musk Declared A Genius After Jamming Fork In Plug Socket


PLUCKY self-made billionaire and owner of Twitter Elon Musk is once again wowing superfans with his latest incomprehensibly awesome feats of genius, this time repeatedly jamming a fork into a live plug socket.

“His genius is limitless, like, no normie would have the intellectual bandwidth to repeatedly electrocute themselves as his handlers beg him to stop. We’re just not worthy, sure he’s cooking his skin and repeatedly saying ‘ow, it stings’ but you just don’t get it, it’s genius,” said one Musk worshiper.

The latest in a long line of truly unique and ambitious moonshots of a brain fart comes after Musk announced Twitter would ditch its bird logo and be called ‘X’.

“This is the outside the box thinking that people are jealous of, it’s like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein ejaculated their collective genius directly onto his brain. It’s branding 101 to announce the replacement of a brand which is so synonymous it’s become a verb, and especially doing it all on a whim because you want to impress strangers on the internet, duh” said one Twitter user, who is possibly Musk’s recently discovered burner account on which he tweets Xs as his 4-year-old son in predictably creepy fashion.

“Whatever next? Buying a company for $44bn, presiding over a halving of its ad revenue and then clunkily rebranding it with empty Silicon Valley buzzwords and jargon? ‘X’ like the cancel button or an annoying pop up you want to get rid of? So clever. Sign me up!”