New Leaving Cert Sex Ed Curriculum Will Make It Mandatory To Be Gay


WWN can exclusively reveal the Gay Agenda is making it a requirement that 17 and 18 year old students will be forced into becoming gay as part of the new Leaving Cert sex education curriculum.

Taking our role as a news outlet seriously, WWN would never choose sensationalism in headlines and outright lies in articles over facts and thus we are sad to report young, innocent ickle wee children are to converted into gay people via a giant gay ray gun.

“If the little chiselers refuse to do poppers while listening to Queen (the only gay music reference I know) they will be shot by a firing squad of drag queens,” confirmed someone we’re deciding to call an ‘expert’ but in reality is a deeply homophobic and unhinged person who tries to equate homosexuality with pedophilia every chance they get.

“And the refugees are in on it!” they added, before outlining the ‘gayification’ of leaving cert students which involves being placed on a pink conveyor belt and put through a glittery car wash.

“It’s horrible and all true, the mentalers would have you believe 6th year students are going to be informed gay people and gay sex exists but that’s what they want you to think, it’s infinitely more sinister than that” added the expert, who called for the tried and tested traditional delivery of sex education in Ireland to be reinstated; via 80-year-old priests.