Titan Voyage Log Reveals Crew Spent Final Moments On Phone Looking At Cruel Memes


THE EFFORTS to recover the OceanGate Titan submersible has produced evidence of human remains and the vessel’s black box voyage log which gives us the clearest picture yet of what unfolded on the ill-fated journey.

“While they were pretty much eviscerated milliseconds after encountering difficulties, they still had enough time to see some of your really mean tweets,” confirmed one rescuer who was part of the salvage efforts.

While communication with those onboard of the ill-fated OceanGate sub was lost, there was a brief window in which one phone gained 5G reception.

“Naturally anyone in that situation would immediately jump on TikTok and Twitter to see what the ‘discourse’ was, and yeah they saw all your memes you sick, sick puppies,” added the rescue team member.

The resulting information has proven tough for many meme makers to take.

“Unfortunately due to the limited data collected by the black box we’ll never know if those who perished were able to appreciate some of the memes for the top quality humour they were or if they remained super bummed out about their impending death,” said one viral meme maker, Austin Shanks.

“Possibly the only thing worse than the idea of sitting it out with 72 hours of oxygen knowing you’re going to die is reading a ‘lol, Titanic still killing rich people after all these years. Respect!’ meme from a Twitter account called PrincessAnusSparkles69,” concluded one psychologist and ocean exploring hobbyist.