Diversity Win: Love Island To Feature First ‘Aesthetically Challenged’ Contestant


THE WILDLY popular dating show Love Island has been on the receiving end of huge praise after its brave decision to allow ‘an absolute rotter’ enter the villa for the very first time.

“At Love Island we’re big on diversity and ensuring the villa is representative of everyone, and that’s why new contestant Kenny is a welcome albeit long overdue addition,” said Love Island producers in a statement to viewers.

Kenny Grainger is a 23-year-old aesthetically challenged man and while that may have held him back in life, his appearance means a huge step forward in ugly people representation on Love Island and TV in general.

After a teaser clip hinted at his entry into the villa on social media earlier today, audiences couldn’t help but share their delight.

“As a diagnosed AC myself I could immediately tell he fell off the ugly tree and was hit by every branch on the way down before being run over by a train, I’m so happy us aesthetically challenged people have representation. I thought they’d go with weird Balenciaga model ‘ugly’ but they just went truly aesthetically challenged, respect!” one joyous fan wrote on TikTok.

Love Island has received praise in the past for having very attractive people on the show who have had disabilities but this is the first time they have allowed an ugly person with no redeeming beauty on the show.

“Yes! Diversity win! He has a face a mother would genuinely struggle to love. He’s a 2 out of 10 in the villa which makes him a 14 in Coppers at 3am,” shared one Irish fan of the show.

“This is tokenism, there’s no real progress until there’s loads of bog dwelling trolls in there. I want people fully put off their dinners watching us,” added another.

“Us uggos never really felt Love Island was for us but seeing Kenny in there, with a face that would turn milk sour, it gives us all hope,” offered one fan, insisting they were overjoyed and repulsed in equal measure.