Body Language Expert Analyses Holly Willoughby ‘This Morning’ Statement


WWN’s resident body language expert Dr Laura Kingston watched Holly Willoughby segment of This Morning in which addressed the sacking of Phillip Schofield. Her analysis throw up interesting information for fans and people who remain suspicious of Holly:

“Holly’s frequent blinking suggests she is so exhausted by the ordeal she is trying the Swedish practice of Shleptblinkon in which she has a serious of ‘micro naps’ in the moments when her eyes aren’t actually open.”

“And at the point Holly plunges her index finger up her noise to dislodge a large bit of hardened snot, this is her unconscious self getting rid of Phil. Digging around for nearly 45 seconds for the snot proves it will be hard to rid her mind of Phil too.”

“You can see here she slightly adjusts her dress, this is because she is suffering from the mother of all wedgies”.

“She’s sad, and wishes she could make it all go away. So when she started doing the macarena during her address to the audience this was an attempt to distract from the current problems. I can’t be certain that setting off the firework and vomiting glitter were for similar reasons.”

“Wearing a button up dress is Holly’s way of saying ‘zips are the work of the devil. Zips are not natural, they are fashions way of controlling us’. Her eyes darted to the side several times, indicating she feared ITV bosses would free the chained up tiger they have starved for a week and set it on her”.

Kingston also analysed the body language of Eamon Holmes, focusing on a dozen of the 4,398 videos he has done on the saga.

“See where he opens his mouth, he’s really saving ‘I might be the most bitter man in human history, I couldn’t be more bitter if I sustained myself on a diet solely consisting of coffee made from lemons'”.