Air Fryer Owner Forces Friend To Stand By Air Fryer For 20 Minutes As It Cooks Pork Chop


CURRENTLY being held hostage in the kitchen of his friend Phil Grogan, Tom Fangan is being subjected to horrendous torture in the form of being told in detail of capabilities of a recently purchased Air Fryer.

“There she is now,” said Grogan of his precious fryer, as if he had just pulled the covers off a stunning new Ferrari.

“Name a food, go on, any food and I’ll tell you if the air fryer can do it,” asked Grogan, staring with unparalleled levels of intensity at Fangan who only came over to borrow a drill.

Feeling under increasing pressure to find the air fryer the most interesting thing he had ever encountered in his life, Fangan feared his safety would be at risk if he did not comply with Grogan’s instructions.

“Serious piece of kit alright,” Fangan said feigning a half-smile.

“Aw I’d say it’d do a mean chili or bolognese or something?” Fangan politely said, unaware he was listing off foods that would kill an air fryer stone dead.

Greeting such suggestions as a grave insult, Grogan asked if Fangan was ‘taking the piss’ while leaning in ever closer and touching the air fryer as if comforting it.

“Jaysus, I dunno, alright some fucking broccoli, Christ,” Fangan said, eyeing up the nearest exit as he named a vegetable the humble air fryer can have trouble with.

Fangan was then forced to stand inches from the air fryer and watch its exterior as it eviscerated a pork chop before Grogan let him go about his day but not without failing to even offer him a bite.