Pain Of Taylor Defeat Eclipsed By Pain Of Seeing McGregor Ringside


DIE HARD fans of Katie Taylor and all she has achieved in sport were understandably emotional on Saturday night in the wake of her defeat to Chantelle Cameron.

Those painful scenes however were nothing compared to the eye-ache they developed when having to see Conor McGregor on their screens.

“I was watching from behind the couch through my hands, not because I found Katie’s loss distressing, it just pains me to see that muppet’s mug ringside, surely there should have been some sort of gobshite warning” explained one super fan who has watched every professional bout in Taylor’s storied career.

“Oh God I can’t watch this, it’s too much,” wept another fan as the camera showed McGregor for the 253rd time during the 10-round lightweight fight.

“I’ve seen men die in the ring and that’s more pleasant than the sight of that hopping mad cretin,” added another boxing fan who had success in receiving a refund from DAZN citing ‘visual terrorism’.

Capitalising on the stomach-turning effect McGregor has on many Irish people, pay-per-view providers have revealed that they will offer a special ‘Dose Free Broadcast’ which will blur out McGregor for the reasonable price of €89.99 in the event of a rematch.