“He Would Lock Me Into A Box And Make Me Perform Horrible Tasks While He Watched” Schofield Co-Workers Speak Out


FOLLOWING his dismissal from ITV’s This Morning show over a feud with co-host Holly Willoughby, more work colleagues have come forward about Phillip Schofield’s behaviour behind the scenes.

“He said he’d stick his hand right up my backside,” former children’s TV co-star Gordon The Gopher recalled one horrifying incident when his usual puppeteer was out sick for an episode, “Phillip said he would enjoy ‘doing me’ himself and proceeded to shove his fist inside me before mimicking my own voice for an entire forty minutes while he filmed everything for his own enjoyment. Not one crew member even stopped him”.

Similarly, a fellow cube staff member detailed horrific psychological mind games carried out by the 61-year-old where she was forced to wear a strange helmet before being shoved into a box to perform an array of mundane tasks.

“He liked to make me pick up balls as he watched on through the Perspex glass, taunting me, saying that I’ll never be better than a cube,” the staff member told WWN, “he liked to constantly compare my inteligence to the inanimate object as it seemed to give him pleasure”.

Meanwhile as the string of revelations slowly emerge, it has been reported that UK TV viewers have been behind a 5000% increase in the number of people googling the words ‘Schofield’, ‘grooming’, ‘injunction’ and ‘super’ over the past couple of months.