US Media Learn Lessons From Previous Elections, Give Trump 2 Hours Of Prime Time TV To Spout Bullshit


IRREFUTABLE proof that the US media has learned from its errors in how it handles reporting on Donald Trump has come in the form of CNN airing a live town hall Q&A with the twice-impeached, sexual abuser, inciter of violence and indicted under fraud charges ex-president.

“You might not like it but we must remain objective as journalists that’s our job,” offered a CNN staffer as Trump claimed the ghost of JFK molested Elmo on the set of Sesame St last year in a bid to help distract from the fact Joe Biden is having an affair with the lesbian green M&M who is really a Chinese spy”.

The town hall which took place in a prime time slot and was heavily promoted using glitzy ads saw Trump given as much time as he needed to spout endless bullshit unchallenged, with many of the lies he repeated receiving applause from the audience of deluded fools.

“This is different from 2016 and 2020, well our free publicity for his blatant lies is exactly the same but the difference is he’s been charged with a crime, impeached twice and tried to get a Georgia election official to falsify election results since then and we’re all acting like he’s a normal gotta-take-him-at-his-word candidate,” confirmed a media practice expert.

“Tonight it’s clear journalism and democracy won, we held him to account,” added CNN, as it let a human diarrhea canon spew endless volumes of shit all over its stage, “sorry did I say journalism and democracy, I meant ratings”.

UPDATE: Trump has thanked all news outlets for uncritically using headlines like ‘Trump again says 2020 election was rigged’ as it helps that lie really take root in voters’ minds.