Late Late Show Viewers All Hail Courageous Freddy Krueger


AFTER suffering life-changing third degree burns in a vicious assault over 30-years ago, RTÉ Late Late Show viewers were moved to tears as Fredrick Krueger opened up about struggling with PTSD, insomnia and haunting young people to death while they slept in their beds.

In the emotional interview, Mr Krueger told host Ryan Tubridy he still gets nightmares living on the same street he was attacked on 3 decades ago but refuses to leave.

“Children still taunt me with cruel nursery rhymes,” Krueger opened up, unable to cry thanks to a fire started by neighbourhood vigilantes burned off his eyelids, “I lost all my hair and that’s why I wear a hat all the time. People call me ugly and grotesque, but I’m still the same old Freddy I was before my victim’s parents chased me down and burned me alive – a psychotic killer who gets off on torturing good looking American teenagers”.

Breaking the silence with a round of applause, audience members struggled to control themselves as the tragic burn victim continued his horrific story.

“They blamed me for murdering their children, but I was proven innocent by an Irish judge called Martin Nolan,” Freddy recalled the moments before the attack, “then one night they set my house on fire with me in it and my life was changed forever”.

Krueger, who now works in the area of scientific sleep research, said he has forgiven his attackers, most of whom have passed on now in a series of sleep walking accidents.

“I guess karma got them in the end,” he said, before plugging his brand-new book ‘Surviving Elm Street’.