British Media Criticise Attendance Of Terrorist At Good Friday Agreement Conference


FRESH from criticising Joe Biden for snapping a selfie with Gerry Adams during a recent trip to Ireland, the British media continued to hold people to account for cavorting with alleged terrorists, this time highlighting Tony Blair’s presence at a Good Friday Agreement anniversary event.

“Turns your stomach to see such things, does it not? I nearly choked on my Union Jack underwear” crowed several opinion columnists, left speechless by the lack of foresight and judgement used by organisers of a conference being held at Queen’’ University in Belfast.

“Do the police know he’s there? What about the International Criminal Court? Is it just the norm now to celebrate and pose with terrorists?” asked one editor of a UK paper, dumbfounded by the presence of one of the architects of the illegal war in Iraq which claimed, according to some estimates, as many as 1 million lives.

The conference which was meant to acknowledge and celebrate the end of the Troubles as well the diplomatic and community efforts which brought a truce and sustained peace on the island has now been completely undermined by the attendance of a divisive and polarising war monger.

“That’s sticking two fingers up to the people of Britain, having a war criminal talking about peace. Wait until King Charles hears about what is happening on sacred British soil of Northern Ireland,” added another columnist, making their first mention of anything related to Northern Ireland is 8 years.

UPDATE: Also in attendance is US politician George Mitchell, named in documents in a US court as one of the high profile men to have had sex with a then underage Virginia Giuffre, a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring. However, as is UK press custom, Mitchell can avail of the Prince Andrew clause of media coverage and therefore little will be made of this fact.