Local Woman A Bit Of An Over-Sharer


FOLLOWING a number of recent conversations local woman Eimear Lawson has participated in, initial data suggests the 48-year-old is a bit of an over-sharer.

“Never met her before, don’t know her but she showed me a copy on the scan she got done on her knee,” said one retail assistant who was lured into a 40-minute life recap by Lawson just last week on the occasion of Lawson purchasing a t-shirt.

Seemingly unable to traverse the day without imparting nuggets of personal information so intimate in nature the average person would refuse to divulge similar secrets during 72 hours of torture in Guantanamo Bay.

“Today was not the day I thought I’d be sitting at the bus stop with a woman ranking ex-boyfriends by way of girth, but yet here we are,” said one pensioner who only asked if Lawson knew when the next bus was due.

While those close to Lawson have learned over the years to avoid phrases such as ‘any news?’ strangers are none the wiser and remain at risk of having Lawson’s bowel movements described to them.

“Sorry, what am I like prattling on about myself I should ask you about yourself of course – so, do you get any rashes down there too?” Lawson asked the new girl in work after she made the mistake of asking where the stationery cupboard was.