Leonardo DiCaprio Suppressing Urge To Vomit After Finding Self On Date With 28-Year-Old


SOURCES close to Leonardo DiCaprio have exclusively confirmed to WWN Celebz that the rumours linking him with Maya Jama are partially true.

“Leo’s publicist has been working overtime trying to link him with ‘older’ women after the internet started this whole ‘that’s weird’ thing about him dating 20-year-olds,” shared one source.

“She and her team set Leo up with someone who caught his eye, Maya Jama, but it all started to go wrong when she casually mentioned the fact she was 28 while in the middle of the date”.

Suddenly feeling unwell as his body violently rejected the concept of being within kissing distance of a rapidly aging women in her mid-to-late 20s, DiCaprio threw up in his mouth and began to feel light headed.

“While you or I might find ourselves on a date with Maya Jama and conclude she is the very pinnacle of beauty and promptly have a heart attack, Leo feels he must run from such a person lest he catch their leprosy-like disease; a woman entering the prime of her life,” added another source.

Jama was reportedly okay with the idea of a long distance relationship but DiCaprio clarified by a long distance he meant ‘decades away in age’.

Sensing he was rapidly deteriorating, DiCaprio’s team intervened and cancelled the date with Jama, before driving the actor at speed in an ambulance in the direction of the nearest college sorority house.

“Leo slowly came round after we hooked him up to an IV drip and introduced him to a dozen freshmen named Kayla who answered ‘I wasn’t born yet’ when asked if they remembered where they were on 9/11,” concluded the source.