“I Have Two Mickies,” David Haye Reveals


AFTER recently updating his trouple following the departure of Una Healy, former professional boxer and all-round lad David Haye has revealed he actually has two mickies, WWN Entertainment Buzz can reveal.

“Peeing can be a disaster, but apart from that they work pretty well,” said the 42-year-old during an interview with WWN, “they also make really cool slapping noises when I swing my hips from side to side and obviously, I’m great in bed”.

Mr. Haye went on to state that although one mickie is shorter than the other, he insisted it’s not the size that matters, but how you use it.

“My full-time girl Sian obviously gets to keep the longer one, so any new squeeze makes do with the DeVito – that’s what I call him, Danny DeVito,” Haye added, now fixing himself in as he sat in his chair, “excuse me, sometimes I have to peel my nut sacks off my legs, it’s quite crowded down there”.

David took to his Instagram to show off the new woman in his life, Mica Jova, who is in no way doing this for the attention.

“God no, I just love being the third wheel in a trouple and little DeVito is all I need to be satisfied, that and the several thousand followers I’m going to get out of all of this,” Mica concluded.