Kellie Harrington Interview To Be Hidden Under The Tree At Spar


ADMIRING the ample amount of shade at the base of the tree and its potential to obscure people’s view of anything placed underneath it, a quick-thinking PR professional has placed Kellie Harrington’s Off The Ball interview under the largest tree at the quietest Spar in the country.

“That should do it, phew that was a close one,” said one staff member jamming footage of the 12 minute interview as far back as possible while sticking it on mute.

The location of the tree will remain a tightly held secret following reports that those who have watched the interview of the European, World and Olympic champion declaring their preference for watching an actual car crash.

Despite a boxing referee confirming all jabs were legal, proper and above the belt, the interview has sparked a discussion about ethics in sports journalism with many people expressing strong opinions on the subject of fairly straightforward questions being asked as part of a fairly straightforward interview.

“It’s a disgrace, asking a person about their publicly stated opinions they freely offered and then repeatedly giving them the right of reply – I can’t think of anything more underhanded. It’s a journalist’s duty to act as a conduit for free publicity for a brand’s new marketing campaign and nothing else,” offered one sports fan.

“The whole reaction has been blown out of proportion,” said another, blowing the reaction to the reaction out of proportion.

Meanwhile, news publications have committed to robust questioning of all sport stars from working class backgrounds.

UPDATE: Spar would like to remind everyone that despite all this, they do a mean chicken fillet roll.