Green Party Get Head Start On Eviction


NOT WILLING to wait around until the April 1st date for the lifting of the eviction ban to kick in, the Green Party are getting a headstart by banning Neasa Hourigan from the party for 15 months for voting against the government’s counter motion to Sinn Féin’s motion to extend the eviction ban by a year.

“Being in a political party doesn’t mean you get to vote how you like, we must be a cohesive party with a clear set of principles, now not the principles we claimed to have in the run up to being the elected, the other ‘hold onto power and pensions’ ones,” explained party leader Eamon Ryan.

“Voting with a unified voice is what has helped the Green Party achieve so much in government already such as denying 40% of Mother and Baby Home survivors redress, handing over the National Maternity Hospital to the nuns and sapping the energy grid by adding more data centres,” added Ryan, who dared not think of the chaos wrought if Green TDs actually voted in line with their own manifesto.

Evicting Hourigan from Oireachtas committees was not a decision Ryan took lightly, but he said he wouldn’t accept sob stories about the Dublin Central TD having no home to go to.

“The Social Democrats could accommodate her on the opposition benches, they love having a conscience and principles knock yourself out”.

Elsewhere, landlords up and down the country have been inspired by the quick acting eviction implemented by the Green Party and have pledged to be similarly decisive when the time comes.