Revolut Promise Same Non Existent Customer Service For Car Insurance


IRELAND is in store for a massive shake up in its car insurance market as banking app Revolut announced its intention to enter the fray.

In an attempt to reassure prospective customers, Revolut confirmed that people needn’t worry about a dramatic change in their customer service offering.

“Our quotes will be enticing and we plan on undercutting rivals by several hundred euros offering great savings to customers but the real challenge will be in talking to a human being,” explained of customer dissatisfaction at the bank, Fionn Flavin.

While other insurance companies pride themselves on driving people to the cusp of insanity with a combination of repetitive hold music and a waiting time longer than a pensioner’s marathon time, Revolut completely dispenses with the idea of human interaction.

“As anyone who has had their money randomly frozen by us or has been the victim of fraud or a double charge, chances are you know the best you’re going to get is an unhelpful monosyllabic chat box pop up,” offered Flavin.

“If you thought getting money refunded was a tough ask, imagine being rear-ended by an uninsured driver who flees the scene and trying to get a replacement car from us? Ha! Just as well the insurance industry in Ireland, much like the banking industry, is so uncompetitive and slow to change we still look like your best option”.

In response to the news that the service could be significantly frustrating and time-consuming, record numbers of Irish people have signed up to Revolut’s insurance waitlist.