Light Bulb That Blew In Kitchen Not Important Enough To Be Changed Immediately


ONE KITCHEN in a Dublin house share remains in partial darkness after housemates decided privately to themselves, on an individual basis, that one blown out kitchen light is of no strategic importance and can go without replacing.

“Oh now if we lost the middle light, I call him Brighty, if we lost old Brighty we’d be fucked, he covers the fridge and a good chuck of the dining table,” explained housemate Ciara Staines, who confirmed she hadn’t missed the deceased light which blew roughly 14 months ago.

Allegations of pure laziness have been denied by all who reside in the house.

“No, if anything we’re using lights like a crutch for our eyes. I actually kind of like the fact I can’t really see anything in the corner press or by the microwave, I think of it as training my eyesight, y’know,” added housemate Deirdre Canney.

The light’s seeming unimportance has sparked a bigger conversation about whether or not the kitchen lighting fixture industry has been pulling the wool over the nation’s eyes.

“It got me thinking, like, are we being upsold on kitchen lights. Do we really five lightbulbs in that fancy overpriced yoke on the ceiling? And don’t get me started on under cabinet lighting, it’s a scam being pushed by Big Lighting and IKEA,” concluded the housemates.