Things To Do While Your Parents Are Getting Smashed On Paddy’s Day


HEY kids! Are you looking for something to do during that long stretch between ‘going to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade’ and ‘watching your Da get carried into the back of a taxi while your mam apologises to everyone’? Here’s a few things you can get up to!

1) Run around the pub

An Irish childhood favourite, running around the pub gives kids the perfect opportunity to see how fast they can peg it in a crowded environment while working up a thirst that only red lemonade can quench. Kids love running around the pub! Publicans love kids running around the pub! Punters love kids running around the pub! Everyone loves kids running around the pub!

2) See what the older kids are doing

There’s always older kids in the pub – not quite adults, but certainly old enough to know that the best craic comes from sneaking round the back to smoke and vape and hey if someone manages to get a bottle of vodka along the way, then it’d be rude not to drink it.

You may not be old enough to be welcomed into their company, but even if they don’t give you a swig or a puff you can always just admire them and aspire to be like them in two or three Paddy’s Day’s time.

3) Read

You can bring a book to the pub with you, so that your fresh young imagination can take you on a voyage far away thanks to the magic of reading. Haha, only messing you little egghead, now get out there and see what your cousins are doing and leave your mam and dad in peace for 6 to 9 hours.