Man Who Regularly Calls All Americans Obese Racist Mass Shooting Lunatics Offended By SNL Sketch


DISPLEASURE and anger at the airing on Saturday of a SNL sketch which depicted Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as incomprehensible drunks remains at all time high in Ireland, especially in the mind of local man Sean Fearns.

“Outdated, ignorant and most offensively of all just not funny,” confirmed Fearns of the sketch, a man who has for the bulk of his life never refused an opportunity to reduce Americans to stereotypes lazier than an Irish labourer in a Punch cartoon.

“Fucking saps, them SNL writers. That’d be like if I called them inbred redneck school shooters armed with a mobility scooter and type two diabetes,” continued the 34-year-old, who does in fact describe Americans this way, every chance he gets.

“KKKarens the lot them, blood type – hamburgers, surely you’ve better things to be doing than writing shite sketches, like overthrowing a democratically elected government in South America, and giving a pay rise to a police officer after he murders an unarmed black teenager” added Kearns, perhaps taking it all too much to heart while committing the sins he accuses SNL writers of committing.

However, Kearns was backed up by his fellow countrymen who insisted the ‘sketch’ if you can call it that was an insult to Ireland and comedy.

“Like at least be accurate, throw in something about Cavan lads being tight, Kerry siblings being husband and wife, Cork people just being the worst and Dublin lads being so far up their own holes they’d need Google Maps to find a way out,” concluded offended Irish people.