Here’s What We Want To See From The New Season Of Mrs. Brown’s Boys


THE first new full mini-series of Mrs. Brown’s Boys is set to return to our screens after almost a decade of one-off Christmas Specials and spinoff talk shows… but will audiences accept ‘more of the same’ from Brendan O’Carroll’s creation? Or would they prefer:

1) Get off the fence when it comes to assisted dying

For years, MBB has refused to address the topic of euthanasia. That was fine in the early years of the show, and it could be argued that a Christmas special wasn’t the time to tackle the thorny subject. But this is a four-episode run in prime time. It’s absolutely unacceptable to not see the Brown family get stuck into more harrowing scenes in 2023.

2) Ditch the Dublin setting 

Mrs. Brown has lived in Dublin through plays, TV shows, movies and more. It’s getting stale. We want to see Agnes Brown move to Dubai. Think of the comedic avenues this opens up.

She could say that she hasn’t had hot flashes like this since the menopause. She could become involved with another Irish family who moved to Dubai for totally legitimate reasons. She could ride a camel and talk about getting humped. She could become a boxing promoter. There’s just too much comedy being left on the table thanks to the producer’s slavish insistence that Agnes Brown remains in Dublin.

3) More episodes

Only four episodes are planned in this new series. What good is that to anyone? You’d binge that in a little over an hour. What we want from Mrs. Brown’s Boys is constant, around-the-clock streaming content. A new episode every day, like Home & Away.

Dice the episodes up into 6-second clips for Facebook reels so that we’re never more than a swipe away from seeing an old woman saying ‘fuck’. We want Mrs. Brown to be burned into our retinas. When we close our eyes at night to sleep, we want to see nothing but Brendan O’Carroll falling over in a skirt.