Most Damning Things We Found In Hancock’s Leaked WhatsApps


OVER 100,000 leaked WhatsApp messages from former Health Secretary Matt Hancock have revealed some sinister and shocking conversations that took place during the Covid-19 pandemic, including leaving care home residents to die and plans to subdue the public with fear tactics to get them to accept lockdowns.

Which is all fairly standard for the time, to be honest. We dug deeper into Hancock’s messages and found some truly shocking stuff:

– In a back-and-forth discussion in late 2021, it is revealed that Hancock does not know the names of all five Spice Girls, referring to Geri Halliwell as ‘redheaded spice’ and Mel C as ‘Bryan Adams spice’.

– Hancock’s favourite meal seems to be be ‘pasta sandwiches’, with no sauce or butter. There are frequent messages where he states that he’ll ‘be home late, leave me a spaghetti sambo in the fridge please’ to the wife he was cheating on.

– One message to his adviser/mistress Gina Colangelo reveals that he insisted on leaving his crocs on during sex.

– At no point in the thousands of messages does Hancock mention owning a TV, let alone watching ‘I’m A Celebrity’, exploding the myth that he joined the show because he was a big fan.

– The MP uses the phrase ‘across the box thinking’ many times, which is just annoying more than anything else.

– Hancock makes no less than 87 WhatsApp requests to his assistant asking for help undoing a big knot in his shoelaces.

– Demands contract for £40m of government Covid-related work won by his former pub landlord be written in Comic Sans.

– He also refers to his mum and dad by their first names, which isn’t really a surprise.

– Following the launch of popular word game Wordle, Hancock would message an assistant every morning to get that days answer so he could maintain a perfect streak without ever making a mistake.

– In a moment of candour with fellow minister admitted he believed Liverpool accent was a conspiracy theory and was not real.

– Confirmed his dislike for pizza, ice cream and puppies in lengthy voice notes sent a 7am on Sundays.

The leaked messages also included dozens of contemptuous euphemisms for ‘poor people’, some of which we’ve never even heard of.