Blackbird Robbed At BAFTAs


FANS of the number one Irish blockbuster film of the century have called for a total boycott of the BAFTAs after their favourite film didn’t even secure one single nomination or award, sending shockwaves through the film industry.

Despite a good result for inferior Irish movies like ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’, the Michael Flatley masterpiece ‘Blackbird’ went unmentioned at the prestigious award ceremony, sparking conspiracy theories that if nominated, Blackbird would have only overshadowed the James Bond franchise and showed the Brits up on home soil.

“Begorra, they’re obviously shaking in their brógs it was that good,” movie expert [email protected] told WWN during several lengthy email correspondence, “to be sure, to be sure; Blackbird is one of the most iconic movies made in our time and the lead actor delivered one of the finest performances the world has ever seen”.

Similarly, hundreds of more movie critics also echoed this sentiment, with [email protected] stating that Michael Flatley should have won every single category last night and called on BAFTA judges to reconsider their voting system for future Blackbird movies which may be produced down the line.

“All I keep hearing from just about everybody I meet is ‘I wish there was more Blackbird movies I could watch’, and ‘Michael Flatley is so sexy for his age and has never lost it’,” another movie critic at the email address [email protected] confirmed.

Unavailable for comment, the ever modest Michael Flatley remained stoically silent on the whole fiasco.

UPDATE: A ‘Justice for Blackbird protest has seen several petrol bombs hurled through the windows of various BAFTA voters.