Intervention Staged For Mate Who Keeps Sending Graphic WhatsApp Videos


“FOR fuck sake John, no one wants to see a video of someone getting minced by a metro train at 2 o’clock in the morning, it’s just not right,” Mark Rice told his long-time friend John Clear during a special sitting of the WhatsApp Group ‘The Lads’ in Regan’s Bar, Waterford.

“Yeah, John, I was sitting watching Cirque du Soleil with the wife and kids when I opened that Mexican Drug cartel video of them flaying some guy on a chair, ” added Derry Ryan, another participant of The Lads group recalled, “my 5-year-old who was sitting on my lap at the time is still haunted over that brief image”.

John Clear nodded as one-by-one his friends recounted horrific videos he had sent in unsolicited video messages, videos that unknowingly downloaded onto one mate’s camera roll.

“Jane left me over the midget bestiality porn you sent when we were looking at old holiday snaps with her folks on the phone,” an emotional David Tobin chimed in, “you try and explain how that was in my Amsterdam pics, John, you sick fuck”.

Agreeing to ‘tone it down a bit from now on’, the 43-year-old promised his group of ‘pussies’ that in future he will think before sending on images or videos of a graphic nature.

“It’s only a bit of craic, lads, but I’ll definitely take everything you said into consideration,” he concluded, just as multiple notifications pinged those in attendance.

“Fucking hell John, how did you even send that while we were talking?” everyone replied in horror, as an orgasming woman now echoed loudly around the busy pub.