Budget Chinese Electric Car Maker To Begin Selling In Ireland


THE IRISH market is about to welcome its first electric vehicle from China which could become the cheapest EV option on the forecourt.

The Atto comes from BYD and in 48kW and 60kW models which could challenge Tesla for dominance in the emerging Irish EV market.

“The sleek orb-like design is deceptively resistant to wind and as a plus Garda speed camera and US intelligence services find it hard to track it,” confirmed WWN’s resident motoring expert Gerry Clark.

Already on sale in Australia and New Zealand, the Atto is expected to compete with the MG ZS which is priced at €32,000.

Manufacturers have felt the need to stress that the warranty doesn’t cover being shot down by the US air force.

“And just ignore anything that sounds a camera taking photos or digitally mapping critical infrastructure, that’s just the whirring of the battery so I’ve been told,” added Clark.

“In-car Bluetooth is great, can Bluetooth send back information over the internet to another continent? Why are you asking these questions a great car is a great car”.

The car has achieved the highest safety ratings when it comes to passenger safety, provided you haven’t ever been critical of China in public or online.