“We Bonded Over Growing Up Watching Stranger Things”


PUBLICISTS for actor Leonardo DiCaprio have denied the 48-year-old is dating a 19-year-old model, which at one day in length would make the rumoured romance one of DiCaprio’s longest relationships.

Despite the denials issued to WWN Celebuzz, we have obtained leaked recordings of DiCaprio speaking enthusiastically with a close friend about a new and burgeoning romance.

“Dude, we’re like the same person. I was like what’s your favourite show from your teenage years and she was like ‘Stranger Things’,” the actor is heard to say.

“Then I was like do you remember the iPod mini? Me neither, it was crazy the things we had in common, I was like yeah it WAS crazy learning about 9/11 in history class,” gushed Leo.

Barely able to contain his delight DiCaprio, a star in many movies much older than his current rumoured love interest, ironically giggled like a schoolgirl when discussing his excitement.

“I’m telling you dude, I was over at her dorm room the other night, eating a truly terrible meal she cooked because who has decent cooking skills at her, I mean, our age, and the connection is undeniable. We have the same Frozen plushy toy,” continued DiCaprio in the four hour recording.

“I’m just sad we only have max 6 years left together. No, she’s not dying but she’ll be 25 then and I have that special condition I told you about. Yeah, the one where if I kiss anyone 25-year-old or older I die”.

UPDATE: Elsewhere, a teenager celebrating her quinceañera today has no idea she will be dating DiCaprio in three year’s time.