Last Reindeer Car Of Season Shot In Waterford


REINDEER car season has officially drawn to a close for 2022-2023, but not before Waterford hunter Malcolm Kennedy bagged himself a fully-grown, red-nosed 1.6l Volkswagen Tiguan beauty in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Long-antlered cars are a common sight on the roads around Ireland during the festive period, but become rarer in the early months of the year as people de-horn and de-nose their vehicles, leaving only a few specimens still wandering around in January and early February.

Considered a nuisance once Christmas is passed, the government has allowed the public to shoot these cars on sight, and big-SUV hunters such as Mr. Kennedy are only too happy to oblige.

“I’d almost called it a day and was ready to head home when I seen this dark navy beauty pulled up outside the Circle K,” Kennedy explained to us as he posed beside the downed family-sized automobile.

“I knew the deadline for hunting season was near, so it was now or never. I hunched down, took aim, and put one right between its headlights, dropping it instantly. Now it’s back to my place to strip it down for parts, and mount these squidgy cloth antlers on my wall as a trophy!”

Reindeer car hunting has been criticised by vehicle rights activists over the years, but has been accepted as the only way to limit the numbers of people driving round in March like fucking idiots.