Local Man Wondering How To Do That Thing Where You Just Get All Your Debt Written Off


WATERFORD man Derek McCoran has found himself in a situation like so many other people where he has enough money to be expected to pay his debts, but doesn’t owe enough money to argue that he should be allowed not to.

The 34-year old is currently struggling to pay his monthly rent which has rolled into its third month of arrears,  and has been ‘just laughed at’ when he enquired if there was any system in place that would write off the debt like you hear about on the news every now and then.

“You know, the way if a businessman owes millions but he just declares himself bankrupt and then it all just… goes away,” pleaded McCoran, who could probably get a handle on his debt if he could just get a little breathing room.

“You hear these things about owing huge sums of money but it gets forgiven because there’s no way in the wide earthly world that the person could ever conceivably pay it. So my question is, if there’s these systems in place for people that owe a few million euro, why isn’t there something in place for a lad like me who owes exactly €1,747?”.

Mr. McCoran has been advised to stay in his accommodation until he racks up a much more significant bill, ignore all correspondence and ‘stick it out’ until it becomes someone else’s problem, not just his.